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5. MAMBEC In-Service Day Camp Specialty Program for General Public

MAMBEC offers the General Public an opportunity to purchase a full year package for In-Service days! No more worrying about where to put your children on those days. MAMBEC will open at 7:00AM and Close at 6:00PM to cover the entire day with lots of activities. MAMBEC covers HRCE In-Service days only.  Remaining September 2022 – June 2023 dates include: Oct.28, Nov.21, Dec.1, Dec.2, Mar.20, Mar.30, June 29.


Activities include:

  • MAMBEC Specialty Martial Arts/ Life Skills Program

  • Swimming at the onsite Cole Harbour Place Pool

  • Playground free play at the onsite Cole Harbour Playground

  • Library Activities at the onsite Library

  • Nature trail walks

  • Crafts

  • Games

Come join the us and develop the MAMBEC Spirit!

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