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Recreation Nova Scotia

RNS should try to utilize its resources in order to enhance the human and organizational capabilities of this outstanding program. Presently, this Program is based mostly in Metro, but could be delivered throughout N.S. If this were to occur, more of our children and youth would be exposed to this initiative, and as a result we would have a better society.

Therefore, marketing of the program could be done through the Newsletter, Conference, and by word of mouth within the RNS network. However, if this program were to expand geographically, Lavonne would have to have greater human resources developed in order to meet the increased demand. This could possibly be accomplished with a Service Canada program, and RNS and the local organization. Another possibility would be a grant from NS HPP. This should be examined in more detail.

In conclusion there is a big upside for this initiative, and hopefully the future will allow the program to expand so that more N.S. children and youth become exposed to this information and apply it to their daily lives.

Philip M. Hochman
Director of Recreation
Municipality of the District of Guysborough
33 Pleasant Street, P. O. Box 79
Guysborough, Nova Scotia B0H 1N0

Philip M. Hochman

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