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Parent Testimonial - Sarah Pace

When Lavonne asked me to write a short testimonial describing how the MAMBEC classes have helped my son I jumped at the chance. My oldest son Sammy was diagnosed with ADHD about a year ago and one of the key suggestions made by his care team was to get Sammy involved in a fitness program that would not only retain his interest but also boost his self-esteem. There are many sports to choose from but only a limited number in which a child with a short attention span and little sports experience might excel.

When Sammy entered MAMBEC in September it quickly became apparent to Lavonne and her teaching assistants that there was something about Sammy that set him apart from others. I called Lavonne early on to get her input on his group conduct in class and told her about his ADHD and treatment. She talked me for over an hour as an instructor, as well as a parent and came up with a plan to help Sammy focus.

Lavonne centered an entire class around Sammy with the intention of helping the other students be more accepting, as well as making Sammy realize how important his involvement is to the other children, and how his disruptive behaviors can negatively effect others. At the end she gave him a small reward for his excellent behaviors. Sammy left that class feeling like a million bucks!


While I’d love to say that his listening skills have remained excellent in every class anyone with experience with ADHD would know I was lying. But no matter what happens, I know that Lavonne has the ability to deal with him fairly and compassionately. She goes the extra mile to include him in the group, and to offer support to us, over and above what goes on in class. She readily agreed to go along with our home behavioral plan, and continues to encourage us keep her up to date with Sammy’s treatment to see if she can offer further encouragement and support.

Signing Sammy up for the MAMBEC program was one of the best decisions we have made. As the oldest of four children, (and the only child in the family with ADHD), Sammy is inevitably the first to try a new sport or program. His (and our) experience with any program will be the deciding factor when it comes time to re-register, or to sign up any of his younger siblings.


Thanks to the wonderful support we’ve received from Lavonne, not to mention how valuable the program content is, we have recently signed up his five year old brother in the beginners group. I sincerely hope that all four of my children are able to participate in the MAMBEC program, as I believe that the life skills they offer in conjunction with the martial arts training to be invaluable, and knowing that Lavonne and her assistants are so supportive means I never have to worry about leaving my children in her capable care.

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