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MAMBEC (Martial Art Mind Body Education Centre) Inc. 2003
Life Skills Program/Martial Art Connection

MAMBEC Studio located in Cole Harbour Place Facility
2nd Floor, 51 Forest Hills Parkway Cole Harbour, B2W 606

Strides Fitness Facility, Elmsdale, Satellite Location

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Welcome to the MAMBEC Martial Art Specialty Programs

Our program is an opportunity for your child to receive our quality Martial Art/Life Skills (with a focus on anti-bullying) to bring your child to their fullest potential. In the past, parents of our students have reported significant improvements in attitude and behavior. During the MAMBEC Specialty Program, your child is taught Life Skills/Martial Art at an age-appropriate level. All Body Mechanics are compatible with most styles of Martial Arts by promoting endurance, focus, self-control to name a few. Being in the MAMBEC environment helps to promote your child’s success, happiness, and confidence to become the person they want to be. We hope your child will grow with us and have the MAMBEC spirit!


What is MAMBEC

A contemporary Physical Martial Art Centre incorporating the unique concept of ‘Mental Martial Art's (Life Skills), that is, the ability to understand and resolve conflict before it becomes physical.



Young people who are prepared mentally and physically for the real world with skills and maturity to make positive decisions in conflict situations.


MAMBEC Mission

MAMBEC has developed an Innovative/Contemporary Martial Art Specialty Program that focuses on teaching young people “Mental Martial Art (Life Skills)”. At its core, this Specialty Program develops the student’s ability to understand/resolve conflict before it becomes physical (individually/socially). We teach skills to create strong people who value life lessons, this helps us move towards a more peaceful society.  Children who learn about conflict are better prepared to deal with potentially dangerous situations. They are more confident, therefore able to use words and other skills rather than violence.


This Innovative Specialty Program is taught at all levels and is embedded in all programs offered by MAMBEC. Our structure includes a Children’s Program (focusing on Anti-Bullying) that also includes a “Mentoring Program” where children teach children, and adults lead by example. By including this opportunity in the MAMBEC Specialty Program, it further reinforces MAMBEC teachings, by giving students a chance to continue learning values through a Mentorship Program and promotes an atmosphere of inclusion and teamwork.

This multi-faceted program continues to provide opportunities for older students as they move into the Instructors Program. MAMBEC Specialty Program development focuses on the Mental Martial Art (Life Skills) as well as Physical Martial Art and includes a series of Book Curriculums (J Series).  The character J grows throughout the series, aging appropriately in the Beginner (Fundamentals), Intermediate (Mentoring), and Advanced (Instructor) levels. J eventually becomes the role model Instructor, giving the children the ability to visualize what they can achieve as they connect with J. As a result, they are active listeners and interactive participants. J is a constant in the program… J always knows what to do!

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Beginner J

Jay - Tshirt and Jeans.jpg

Intermediate J

Jay - Kata Position 2_edited.jpg

Advanced J (Instructor)

Going forward, Book Curriculums will be available to parents to connect with their children and further reinforce the Mental Martial Art (Life Skills) and Physical Martial Art (Technical Skills) taught at MAMBEC.   

In short, MAMBEC is a Contemporary Martial Art Centre, focused on peace and defense rather than fighting and offense. We teach conflict prevention by understanding the root causes, students learn the skills to prevent, resolve, and control conflict. 


MAMBEC Holistic Values

Respect – Respect is at the core of our Specialty Programs. We are considerate of each person we encounter and our space on this earth. We treat time and resources respectfully.

Truth – We value full truth and transparency. We maintain integrity in our words and actions.

Trustworthiness – We do what we say we will do, and our word is our bond. We are authentic.

Creativity – We are inspired by the children who feed our creativity and deliver Creative Programs and Self-Protection Techniques in an age-appropriate manner.

Warmth – We exhibit Compassion and Empathy in our interactions and actively listening.

Teamwork – We work together appreciating each person’s Strengths and Weaknesses.

Perseverance – We don’t quit until the job is done. We stay engaged and never give up.

First Component: Warm up, including Yoga for Kids.

First Component - Warm Up and Yoga for Kids - MAMBEC Specialty Program 2.jpg
First Component - Warm Up and Yoga for Kids - MAMBEC Specialty Program.jpg
Core Program

Second Component: Technical, including Punching, Kicking, Kata and fundamentals of Body Mechanics.

Second Component - Technical - Punching - Kata - Body Mechanics - MAMBEC Specialty Program
Second Component - Technical - Punching - Kata - Body Mechanics - MAMBEC Specialty Program

Third Component: Mental Martial Art (Life Skills) – we found young students learn more information faster and retain answers longer by listening to a short story, followed by answering questions and role-play.

Third Component  - Mental Martial Arts - MAMBEC Specialty Program.jpg

Fourth Component: Game or Skills Drill reinforces Technical Lessons learned during class.

Fourth Component  - Game or Skills Drill - MAMBEC Specialty Program.jpg

Learn more about MAMBEC and “J’s Bad Day” from CTV Atlantic.

Lavonne Carroll
Celebrated for Dedication in the field of Martial Art

Lavonne Carroll - CEO - MAMBEC.jpg

Ms. Carroll has been included in Marquis Who's Who. As in all Marquis Who's Who biographical volumes, individuals profiled are selected based on current reference value. Factors such as position, noteworthy accomplishments, visibility, and prominence in a field are all considered during the selection process.

MAMBEC has a no refund policy!

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