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3. MAMBEC Summer/March Break Camp

Registration For March Break Camps Is Now Open

MAMBEC Summer/March Break Camp Specialty Programs take place at the Cole Harbour Place Facility and focus on new Themes each week. Embedded in the Summer/March Break Camps is our Core MAMBEC Martial Art/Life Skill Specialty Program. This Program is taught on Monday and Wednesday to the younger children and on Tuesday and Thursday to the older children. Fridays are celebrated in MAMBEC Camp as Fab Friday, parents can purchase Pizza/Drink for $6.00 (plus tax). As well on Friday’s we give out prizes for theme winners.


Along with MAMBEC Martial Arts/ Life Skills campers will enjoy swimming on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. For those campers not participating in the swimming, an alternative activity program will be provided.


Campers of the week are chosen by our Camp Leaders based on Spirit of Leadership, Spirit of Confidence, Spirit of Courage, Spirit of Resilience to name a few.


All Campers obtain certificates with fingerprints at the end of the week for child safety.


At the end of summer camp, we offer a belt advancement for children who have completed more than six weeks of camp.


MAMBEC utilizes the wonderful facilities of Cole Harbour Place for swimming, dance, library presentations, onsite playground, outdoor hikes/running track/soccer field, outdoor challenges etc.  

Each year, MAMBEC offers a MAMBEC In-Service Specialty Camp Package for HRCE In-Service/PD Days.


What to Bring for all Camps

1. Lunch and two snacks (peanut free)

2. Towel

3. Bathing Suit

4. Water Bottle

5. Hat

6. Sneakers (no flip flops or crocks)

                       MAMBEC DAILY CAMP ROUTINE


7:30AM – 9:00AM - Free Play

9:00AM - Attandence – Campers broken down into groups based on age.

9:15AM - Bathroom/Handwashing/Snack (Peanut Free)


Group 1 - MAMBEC Martial Art Life/Skills Specialty Program - Monday/Wednesday

Group 2 – Activities /Library Presentations/Free Play – Monday/Wednesday  

Group 2 - MAMBEC Martial Art Life Skills Specialty Program - Tuesday/Thursday

Group 1 – Activities /Library Presentations/Free Play – Tuesday/Thursday                                                                                                                            

10:30AM – Bathroom/Handwashing/Snack

11:00AM – Outdoor Activities/Library Presentations/Free Play


11:50AM - Bathroom/Handwashing

12:00PM -  Lunch (Peanut Free) and a Movie

12:45PM - Bathroom/Handwashing


1:00PM - Theme of the Week Activities

2:30PM - CHP Pool Swimming Monday/Wednesday/Friday

                Structured Activies Tuesday/Thursday

2:30PM - 4:15PM – Non swimming group, Outdoor Activities,Crafts, Playground, Library

4:15PM - Bathroom/Handwashing/Snack (Peanut Free)

5:00PM – 6:00PM - Free Play

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