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The J series books are part of the MAMBEC curriculum. 

Work with us and help your child develop at home!

This book was designed as an aid to teach children how to use “J’s lessons” in real life situations.

These situations can often escalate out of control and this book serves as a practical tool on how to solve them in peaceful ways. The strategies used in this book are based on Self- Protection and to use your mind first. The strategies were developed with the intent of becoming teachable moments that can be used in many educational scenarios. Since 2003, this Book Curriculum has been used actively as part of the MAMBEC Inc. programs.

For an optimal learning environment, use this book as a reading tool at home or simply for homeschooling. The Book Curriculum is used in schools and other educational associations.

MAMBEC (Martial Art Mind Body Education Centre) Inc. 2003 is a Contemporary Martial Art with traditional features excluding tournaments, weapons training and sparing.

In the combination of teaching methodologies of Life Skills, MAMBEC Inc. focuses on core elements including Anti-Bullying, Anger Management, Stranger Awareness, Leadership, Powerful Words, just to name a few.  These concepts will also be introduced in J’s Book Series. 

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Open your book now and explore the MAMBEC Spirit

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MAMBEC is a scent free environment

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