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MAMBEC offers the General Public an opportunity to purchase a full year package for In-Service days! No more worrying about where to put your children on those days. MAMBEC will open at 7:00AM and Close at 6:00PM to cover the entire day with lots of activities. MAMBEC covers HRCE In-Service days only. September 2023 - June 2024 Dates below:

10 Inservice Days for $320.00

September 5th, 6th

Oct 27th

November 17th and 23rd

December 4th

March 18th

April 4th

June 27th


Activities include:

MAMBEC Specialty Martial Arts/ Life Skills Program

Swimming at the onsite Cole Harbour Place Pool

Playground free play at the onsite Cole Harbour Playground

Library Activities at the onsite Library

Nature trail walks



Come join the us and develop the MAMBEC Spirit!

MAMBEC In-Service Day Camp Specialty Program for General Public

  • Please add children's names at checkout. You will recieve an email after payment to complete the required registration. Please ensure to check your spam folders.

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